Education We started as information points for Indonesian students interested in continuing their education in Finland. Today we expand our functions not only disseminating information but also taking some of more proactive approaches. ​ We arrange : ​ - Cooperation between Indonesian institutions with Finnish education institution is one of our vocal point - Seminar and workshop on education and pedagogic issues in Indonesia - Summer camp, for young students to learn new cultures - Land arrangements for incoming education delegations

Tour, Travel and Culture

Tour, Travel and Culture Our travel arrangements are about learning and experiencing local culture and values. We believe traveling should give you a life learning experience and see things in new perspectives. People have different needs, therefore custom travelling programs are also available.

Educational Visit

Summer Experience

Winter Experience

Bicycle Tour


Our environment is the main factor that will effect our life quality, therefore we should not take any chances by not taking good care of it and not doing our best to preserve it. We work with several Finnish companies which focused on Renewable Energy and Water Management. Finland is one of leading country in Green and Blue technology and we are looking forward to introduce them to Indonesia.




    In 2014 several friends established NECS Oy (PT.NECS) in Helsinki. We shares the same believe in trust and making sure the project's success and pleasant experience for our clients. We believe that we have to keep good relations with our friends and partners, with our surrounding and with God - Tri Hita Karana. We will support the success your projects and processes through our open communications and transparency policy.



    We started as information point for Indonesian students on how to continue their education in Finland. Later on we assist companies and government bodies to arrange their visits by providing land arrangements including finding education experts for workshops, suitable Finnish school to visit and Finnish universities to have agreements. ​ We also arranging workshops in Indonesia by bringing Education Experts from Finland to give lectures and workshop on pedagogic issues.


    Tour, Travel and Culture

    We are a Destination Management Company offering our local knowledge and network in Finland, Estonia and Sweden. Our idea of travelling is not merely sightseeing instead we want to introduce the experience everyday living as the locals. ​ We arrange : ​ - Bicycle tours which include experiencing living in a typical Nordic village. ​ - Winter camp where you can learn the winter basic survival tips and the Finnish sauna + ice swimming ​ - Summer camp is design for young students to learn to be more independent and learning to socialize with children their age from different culture, learn how to find mushroom and berries in the Nordic forest

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